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Pro Tips from The Green Room in Cary NC to Make Your Spray Tan Last

Are you ready to shed those bulky winter sweaters and start flaunting a beautiful sun-kissed tan? Spray tanning in Cary is a popular option for those seeking a lasting golden glow, but before visiting your spray tanning salon, make sure you are prepared for your airbrush spray tan by following these three rules:

  1. Create a Clean Canvas
  2. Plan Appropriate Attire and Activities
  3. Use Compatible Skincare

Create a Clean Canvas

One day before your appointment, treat your skin to an exfoliation session with your favorite body scrub. This rids the surface of any lingering dead skin cells that would create an uneven surface and cause patchiness later. Pay extra attention to elbows, knees, and knuckles to keep the color on these dry areas even after your airbrush spray tan.

Get rid of any unwanted body hair in advance to avoid disturbing your tan too soon. If you wax, do it twenty-four hours in advance to keep residues from interfering with absorption at the spray tanning salon. Give yourself eight hours if you are shaving.

Plan Appropriate Attire and Activities

The spray tan takes a few hours to set, and avoiding moisture during this time is imperative to the life of your tan. Allow your skin to breathe by wearing clothing with a looser fit, and save your workout for at least six to eight hours after your tan.

Most spray tans contain a cosmetic bronzer for an immediate glow; however, the bronzer will not stain most materials. Select clothing with darker colors to avoid any possibility of a mishap.

Use Compatible Skincare

On the day of your spray tan, skip your usual moisturizer since it can block your airbrush spray tan from sinking in. Many traditional moisturizers contain ingredients that can break down your new tan, so select a moisturizer designed to extend the life of your spray tan instead. If you are spray tanning in Cary, check your local salon for compatible products in advance.

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