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How Does Dry Shampoo Work & Is It For You?

From celebrities to everyday women on the street, it seems as though everyone has hopped onto the dry shampoo bandwagon recently. But is it right for you? Dry shampoo services can definitely change your life, making haircare much more convenient. Whether you’re checking out our Cary dry shampoo salon or doing your hair at home, this product may be able to rock your world. Let’s explore whether or not this convenient product can give your hair the boost it needs.

Here are some of the people that tend to enjoy using dry shampoo:

  • Women who want to extend a blowout from a blowdry bar
  • Those who like to “freshen up” between work and happy hour
  • People who are trying to avoid washing their hair too much

It can be expensive going to the blowdry bar often, so many of us like to extend the time between appointments but still make sure that our hair looks great. One way to do this includes the following steps:

1. Apply the dry shampoo directly to your roots.
2. Brush it through your hair in a downwards motion, so that it’s invisible.
3. Set your hair in curlers.
4. Remove curlers and brush out hair.

This will freshen up the look (and smell!) of your magnificent mane while also preserving the all-important bend in the hair, which was created by our Cary dry shampoo salon or stylist.

Speaking of stylists, talking to haircare professionals about dry shampoo services is an excellent idea. Since your stylist is familiar with your hair texture and condition, he or she will know better than anyone whether or not dry shampoo is a good option for you specifically. For women with long, dry hair, dry shampoo can be an excellent choice. When you have dry hair, regular shampooing on a daily, or even semi-daily basis, can strip the parched hair of the oils that it needs. Dry shampoo allows a woman to feel as if she has a clean scalp, but isn’t drying out the bottom of the hair. It can truly help women to have the best of both worlds. For women with more oily hair, dry shampoo can help to absorb some of the greasiness that can occur after workouts.

Most women will choose not to completely abandon their regular shampooing routine, but dry shampoo is definitely a great complement to anyone’s haircare regimen.

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