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How long does the hair need to be?

We would love for the hair to be ¼ inch long, this goes for all areas of the body. The wax needs something to grab on to for a clean removal. If you have been shaving, try and hold off for 3-4 weeks to ensure the best result. Hair grows in 3 cycles and you want all follicles to have the chance to grow out to a desired length.

Are there any medications to avoid prior to waxing?

Yes! Topical creams such as Retin-A, Retinol, and other forms of Vitamin A, benzoyl peroxide or any other prescriptions from a Dermatologist should be avoided prior to waxing. These medications thin the skin and can cause “lifting” during the waxing process. Oral medications such as Accutane should also be discontinued prior to waxing.

*Please contact us with specific questions, our team will be happy to guide you through the process, making sure you are ready for your service.

It’s that “time of the month,” can I get waxed?

You can, BUT you are most sensitive the week prior and during your cycle. Schedule with caution, or wait until the week after.

What if I get ingrown hairs?

They do happen occasionally. You can help prevent them by exfoliating with a body brush or exfoliating body wash daily.

How old do I need to be for a waxing service?

We will wax anyone ages 10-18 with a parent or guardian present. If you are 18 and up you are good to go.

Do I need an appointment?

Walk-ins are always welcome. But who wants to wait around? Call us and lets us be ready for you as soon as you walk in!!


How does airbrush tanning work?

Here at The Green Room, we custom blend our sunless tanning solution in order to give you the perfect shade for your skin tone. Our sunless tanning solution contains an ingredient called DHA (dihydroxyacetone), which is a sugar-based derivative approved by the FDA for over 30 years. This ingredient reacts with the outer layers of your skin to give you a natural tan within hours.

You will immediately notice that your skin looks bronze as the tan is applied, this is a cosmetic bronzer that mimics your future tan. Don’t be alarmed when this cosmetic bronzer washes away in the shower; you are not washing off your tan! You will still be a bronze beauty once you dry off!

How long does it take to become a bronzed beauty?

With our top of the line Infinity Sun equipment, quick drying solution and our team of experts, you will be bronzed in around 5 minutes, 7 if you want us to give you a 6 pack!

What should I wear?

You may wear as much or as little as you like during your custom spray. Please note that a small amount of overspray is expected on the garments you are wearing. Bronzing additives usually wash out of clothing, but there is always a chance they could stain. Choose wisely when deciding what you wear during your tan. Also, we recommend wearing loose dark clothing when you leave to avoid transfer of product.

How long do I need to wait before showering?

Your tan will fully develop in 8-10 hours (2-3 hours if using the rapid tanning solution), so please wait until you have the developed completely to shower or get wet…no swimming or exercising. This will ensure that you get the best color possible.

How long will my custom spray tan last?

You will be a bronzed goddess anywhere from 5-10 days. Length of color will vary depending on your daily habits. Proper preparation before and care after can extend the life of your tan. Always exfoliate before you receive your custom tan, and avoid wearing lotions, perfumes and makeup to the boutique. You want your skin to be clean and dry. After tanning, moisturize daily and use gentle soaps and washes. You may also use our Infinity Sun extender products to push your color an additional 3-5 days!

I am tanning for a special event. When should I make my appointment?

We recommend tanning one to two days before your special event. Our top-tip is to schedule your appointment the evening and sleep in your tan to allow maximum development. Remember to schedule your spray tan after all other pre-event beauty appointments. No facials, massages or exfoliating mani-pedi’s after tanning.