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Welcome to the…

As a lover of beauty services, I wanted to create a boutique environment, where women could pop in for a quick wax, tan or blowout and be out the door and on with their day. I dreamt up The Green Room on a Sunday afternoon last fall, with the help of a good old fashion mood board (yes one with magazine clippings, markers and printed pictures) and I started to create my dream business. It made perfect sense to me, take all the services you love, but have to drive all over town for, and offer them in one place… a one stop shop for all things beauty.

Mood board TGR


So here we are one year later, and I am happy to welcome you all to The Green Room! We specialize in Brows, Blowouts, Bronzing and Body Waxing.  Choose one or all of our services and prepare to be blown away and to book your next appointment!

Take a moment and imagine…Your stylist or esthetician hands you the mirror at the end of your service, you take a look and your brows are suddenly visible, your eyes appear more open and lifted, your hair is bouncy and you feel like a million bucks. As you leave you notice a little more pep in your step, and you suddenly feel like you can conquer the world. Its a great feeling and one that I want to share with women everywhere!

See you soon!



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