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How Does Dry Shampoo Work & Is It For You?

From celebrities to everyday women on the street, it seems as though everyone has hopped onto the dry shampoo bandwagon recently. But is it right for you? Dry shampoo services can definitely change your life, making haircare much more convenient. Whether you’re checking out our Cary dry shampoo salon or doing your hair at home, this product may be able to rock your world. Let’s explore whether or not this convenient product can give your hair the boost it needs.

Here are some of the people that tend to enjoy using dry shampoo:

  • Women who want to extend a blowout from a blowdry bar
  • Those who like to “freshen up” between work and happy hour
  • People who are trying to avoid washing their hair too much

It can be expensive going to the blowdry bar often, so many of us like to extend the time between appointments but still make sure that our hair looks great. One way to do this includes the following steps:

1. Apply the dry shampoo directly to your roots.
2. Brush it through your hair in a downwards motion, so that it’s invisible.
3. Set your hair in curlers.
4. Remove curlers and brush out hair.

This will freshen up the look (and smell!) of your magnificent mane while also preserving the all-important bend in the hair, which was created by our Cary dry shampoo salon or stylist.

Speaking of stylists, talking to haircare professionals about dry shampoo services is an excellent idea. Since your stylist is familiar with your hair texture and condition, he or she will know better than anyone whether or not dry shampoo is a good option for you specifically. For women with long, dry hair, dry shampoo can be an excellent choice. When you have dry hair, regular shampooing on a daily, or even semi-daily basis, can strip the parched hair of the oils that it needs. Dry shampoo allows a woman to feel as if she has a clean scalp, but isn’t drying out the bottom of the hair. It can truly help women to have the best of both worlds. For women with more oily hair, dry shampoo can help to absorb some of the greasiness that can occur after workouts.

Most women will choose not to completely abandon their regular shampooing routine, but dry shampoo is definitely a great complement to anyone’s haircare regimen.

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9 Dry Shampoo Facts You Didn’t Know from Our Cary Blowdry Bar

1. Dry Shampoo is Becoming a Craze
Women are talking about this product more than ever nowadays, whether it’s a chat with strangers at the blowdry bar or at an intimate dinner with friends. In drought-striken California, residents are very conscious of the need to reduce water usage. In the Golden State, It’s estimated that over 30,000 people a month search for dry shampoo online.

2. The First Dry Shampoo Hit the Market 75 Years Ago
It was called Minipoo!

3. 1960’s Supermodel Twiggy Posed for Some Dry Shampoo Ads
Always ahead of her time, Twiggy was on the dry shampoo bandwagon 50 years ago! Wonder if she’s still got that pixie haircut after all these years? Perhaps she goes to a Cary dry shampoo salon to maintain it!

4. It’s So Popular That It’s Out of this World — Literally
Since hitting up the local Cary dry shampoo salon probably isn’t convenient for astronauts, they have their own supply of dry shampoo on the International Space Station. Maybe dry shampoo services will be available on Mars someday?

5. Dry Shampoo Can Help Your Roots to Look More Blended
Haven’t had time to get your hair colored for a few months? Here’s a little hack for you…By applying dry shampoo, you can soften up the harsh look of your roots. This will work especially well if you happen to be a blonde who bleaches her hair.

6. It’s Especially Good for Extending Your Blowout
If you’ve recently been to the blowdry bar and wish to preserve the fabulous look of your locks, dry shampoo is the way to do it.

7. You Can Make Your Own
Although some things are better left to the experts, you can attempt to make your own formula at home. If you’re an enterprising gal who thrives on DIY challenges, then get together some cornmeal, corn starch and a dab of essential oils. Congrats—you’ve just made dry shampoo!

8. There is a Dry Shampoo for Everyone
Especially now that dry shampoo has experienced a massive resurgence, there are dry shampoos available for every type of hair. And you don’t have to go far and wide looking for dry shampoo services—many dry shampoo products can be found at your local drugstore.

9. Even Celebrity Stylists See Its Value
Although they’re often known for touting their own lines of shampoo and conditioner, dry shampoo has received a boost from well-known hairstylists who speak about its benefits.

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6 Expert Tips to Maintaining a Blowout

Any girl who has ever craved a hairstyle that effortlessly blows in the wind while making you look like a gorgeous model would love to experience a blowout hair style at our Cary salon bar! If you’re looking to do some pampering and set yourself up for a week of gorgeous hair, then you’ve got to head over to our blowout bar! Here are six tips on how you can extend the life of your blowout hair style to have amazing hair all week long:

1. Don’t Wear Hats
Show off your new do and enjoy all the compliments you’ll be getting! Wearing hats can undo your blow out and cause extra frizziness – no one wants that!

2. Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase
If you choose to lay your pretty head on a pillowcase of silk, your hair will be less likely to catch and get tangled over night, thus leading to a better hair day the next morning.

3. Don’t Touch Your Hair
As tempting as it is to want to constantly run your hands through your hair, it’s important to keep your hands off your hair. Since our hands naturally have oils on them, the more you touch your beautiful blow out, the oiler it becomes, thus shortening it’s life.

4. Use Dry Shampoo For Styling
As your blow out begins to lose its volume, revamp it by using dry shampoo at the root of your hair to give it the lift it needs to look picture perfect!

5. Get Your Scrunchie On
Remember those scrunchies you used to wear in the 90’s? Well, that’s your best friend this week! With its super soft fabric, you won’t be adding any kinks to your hair by pulling it back in a ponytail. This is a lifesaver for windy days!

6. Use A Smoothing Product To Fight Humidity
Even if the weather’s not showing rain, you just never know! Fight the humidity before it attacks your gorgeous hair by asking your stylist to apply a smoothing gel before blowing out your hair. You’ll be grateful for a frizz-less hair style!

When you visit our Cary salon bar, one of the premium blowout bars in North Carolina, you’ll be treated to a relaxing spa experience that will have your looking and feeling your best ever! Call us to book your appointment today!

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Stop Sabotaging Your New Blowout with These Tips from Our Blowout Bar

Somewhere along the way, women got the idea in their head that blowouts were only meant to last for a day, two days maximum. While it’s true that a blowout isn’t meant to last forever, blowout hair styling can get you through four or five whole days if you know how to care for it. To make sure that your visit to the blowout bar isn’t a waste of time, here are some tips on how to make your blowout last.

Dry Shampoo Is Your Friend

Many women end up washing away a perfectly good blowout because their roots are starting to feel greasy. You can extend the life of your blowout by using dry shampoo. Dry shampoo will suck up the excess oil at your roots, allowing you to skip the shower. Ask your stylist for a dry shampoo recommendation the next time you’re in the blowdry salon.

Sleep Right

One of the main ways that women sabotage their new blowout bar style is by not prepping their hair correctly before going to sleep. To keep your hair from becoming tousled overnight, gather your hair into a loose top knot before you to bed. If you really want to do the right thing by your hair while you sleep, invest in a satin pillowcase. Satin pillowcases are gentler on the hair than cotton ones.

Add A Little Shine And Hydration

If your blowout is starting to look a little dry, bring it back to life by adding a very light bit of hair oil, focusing on the ends as you apply. This will put some shine and moisture back into your hair without weighing it down or making it greasy. You can ask your blowdry salon stylist to recommend some of their favorite oils for your hair type.

If you follow these tips, you can get the most out of your blowout. A blowout is a great way to look your best and invest in a single style that will last you throughout the week. If you want to give blowout hair styling a try, call our salon to book an appointment today.

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