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Pro Tips from The Green Room in Cary NC to Make Your Spray Tan Last

Are you ready to shed those bulky winter sweaters and start flaunting a beautiful sun-kissed tan? Spray tanning in Cary is a popular option for those seeking a lasting golden glow, but before visiting your spray tanning salon, make sure you are prepared for your airbrush spray tan by following these three rules:

  1. Create a Clean Canvas
  2. Plan Appropriate Attire and Activities
  3. Use Compatible Skincare

Create a Clean Canvas

One day before your appointment, treat your skin to an exfoliation session with your favorite body scrub. This rids the surface of any lingering dead skin cells that would create an uneven surface and cause patchiness later. Pay extra attention to elbows, knees, and knuckles to keep the color on these dry areas even after your airbrush spray tan.

Get rid of any unwanted body hair in advance to avoid disturbing your tan too soon. If you wax, do it twenty-four hours in advance to keep residues from interfering with absorption at the spray tanning salon. Give yourself eight hours if you are shaving.

Plan Appropriate Attire and Activities

The spray tan takes a few hours to set, and avoiding moisture during this time is imperative to the life of your tan. Allow your skin to breathe by wearing clothing with a looser fit, and save your workout for at least six to eight hours after your tan.

Most spray tans contain a cosmetic bronzer for an immediate glow; however, the bronzer will not stain most materials. Select clothing with darker colors to avoid any possibility of a mishap.

Use Compatible Skincare

On the day of your spray tan, skip your usual moisturizer since it can block your airbrush spray tan from sinking in. Many traditional moisturizers contain ingredients that can break down your new tan, so select a moisturizer designed to extend the life of your spray tan instead. If you are spray tanning in Cary, check your local salon for compatible products in advance.

Contact us for more information today!

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5 Important Questions To Ask Your Spray Tanning Salon

If you have recently moved to a new town or will be getting a spray tan for the first time, it is important for you to find the right spray tanning salon. Most customers these days get referrals from friends, family or co-workers as well as looking at online reviews to make a decision. However, it is a good idea for you to speak with the representatives at any salon before you get spray tanning done. There are several questions that you will need to ask and The Green Room wants to share a few below.

1. How Long Will My Airbrush Spray Tan Take?

The longer an airbrush spray tan session takes, the better. If the salon says that a session only takes 15 to 20 minutes, then you may need to find out all of the details involved for the service to understand what you’re getting for your money. However, you should be cautious about choosing a salon if the process takes more than 45 minutes. This is a sign that the salon may be using equipment that is outdated and inferior or the applicator may not know what they are doing.

2. What Will The First Appointment Be Like?

You should ask the salon about what you should expect during your first appointment. Will you have a consultation beforehand? Do you need to do anything to prepare? Is there anything that you need to do to make the tan last longer? Those questions will help you decide whether you should hire or walk away.

3. How Will You Guarantee That the Tan Will Look Good?

A good way to tell whether a spray tan will look good is to ask the salon about the selection of colors that they have. A good salon can customize the right formula for you and your skin tone or the skin tone you desire. If the salon has limited color options, then you may not get the results that you want.

4. What are the Spray Tan Technicians Like?

There are three types of spray tan technicians. There are technicians who do not have any passion for their job and are there to collect a paycheck without worrying about their customers’ needs and expectations. Run, don’t walk, from these types.

There are also people who have a passion for creating a wonderful experience for every customer, but may not have the right equipment to apply evenly or maybe just not there on the talent side.

Then there are those technicians who everyone wants to see and hire. They are passionate about the work that they do and exude proper application expertise for an even spray that looks amazing. They have also weeded out the poor products and equipment. They may charge more, but it’ll be worth it.

5. How Much Does the Spray Tan Cost?

This is the last question that you should ask the spray tanning salon. Cost is important, but the price often reflects the quality of service that you get. You should compare the cost of other salons in the area in order to determine that you will get a fair price, but also a smooth looking, clean and attractive tan.

For more information or to seek a consultation with The Green Room about our spray tanning in Cary, please call us anytime and we look forward to hearing from you!

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There Are Secret Benefits to Spray Tanning in the Fall and Winter. Check Them Out!

As the cooler weather begins, less and less time is spent outdoors and people lose their natural tans. Unfortunately, this means people are losing the benefits that a natural tan gives them, including that healthy glow. While it’s not practical, or even possible, to spend hours outdoors, soaking up the sun’s rays, there are alternatives that will help you avoid the pale skin so common in the fall and winter months.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

Visiting your local spray tanning salon isn’t far removed from a special spa treatment, a pedicure, or a visit with your favorite hairdresser. The one thing all of these activities have in common is that they can result in an improved outlook. When you look better, you feel better about yourself. That, in turn, leads to a more positive outlook and healthier interactions with others. Just knowing that a professionally done airbrush spray tan is hidden beneath your sweaters and coats can leave you feeling better about yourself and more confident.

Spice Up the Bedroom

While most people won’t get to see your tan in the fall and winter, your romantic interest will appreciate the new look. They will feel special, knowing that you’re trying to look your best for them. When you take the time to seek out a spray tanning salon, your significant other will notice the difference and your darker skin will be one way to seem more appealing. Bodies just look better when they have a healthy glow and that can lead to greater sexual interest from a partner.

Visit a Spray Tanning Salon Before Any Special Event

Another reason to indulge yourself with an airbrush spray tan is to ensure you’ll be looking your best for special events. Just because many social functions take place in the winter months, that’s no reason you can’t still obtain that special golden glow. A realistic looking spray tan can make you look that much more appealing, as you make your grand entrance at any of these social functions:

  • Homecomings
  • Weddings
  • Fashion shows
  • Holiday events & parties
  • Halloween balls
  • Vacations
  • Engagements
  • Work get-togethers
  • New Year’s parties

Enhance Your Sense of Style

A mid-season spray tan can also accentuate your awareness of style by giving your fashion sense extra flair. You will stand out more prominently in whatever outfit you choose when you get a spray tanning from The Green Room in Cary to maintain that healthy glow. There’s no reason to delay and let your skin lose its natural beauty and appeal. By contacting us today and scheduling an appointment, you can regain that summer bronze in a short time.

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Enhance Your Spray Tan With These 5 Fun Cosmetic Tips

If you are thinking about getting a spray tan, you could be wondering if there are any spray tanning tips that you can follow so that you can make the most out of your sun-kissed look. Luckily, using makeup the right way can help you enhance your spray tan and look your best. These are a few tips to remember when applying your makeup after spray tanning in our Cary salon.

First of all, you might want to skip your regular foundation — particularly during the daytime — after spray tanning in Cary. Since spray tanning is great for evening out your skin tone and covering up imperfections, you might find that you don’t need it. If you do want a little more coverage, make sure that you choose a shade that matches your spray tan nicely so that it will blend in well. Instead of a heavy liquid foundation, consider a light powder.

To enhance your sun-kissed glow even more, consider using a nice bronzer on your cheekbones. This is one of the best spray tanning tips for getting the sun-kissed look that you want. Just remember that less is more, particularly when you have a spray tan, so just use a small amount, and make sure that you blend it well with a kabuki brush for a natural look.

Eye Makeup
When applying eye shadow, consider experimenting with brighter colors and sparkly shades that you wouldn’t usually try. These colors can stand out more on your tanned skin. Choose a good mascara that will really make your eyelashes pop; this can help you finish off your eye makeup look. If you need help with putting together a nice eye makeup look for a special night out, you can get help at your local make up salon.

When choosing a blush, consider looking for a light, pretty shade of pink. If you choose a darker shade, you might find that it will compete with your tan, and it might not look its best. Lighter shades often look quite striking and natural when brushed on your cheeks, however.

Just about any shade of lipstick can look good with bronzed skin. However, you may want to go with a nude or light pink shade. This can really pop against your newly bronzed skin.

Teeth Whitening
A trip to a local make up salon can help you pull of the perfect look to go with your spray tan. However, you may want to see your dentist, too. Having your teeth whitened can make them really stand out and look great when you have a spray tan. If you would like to skip a trip to the dentist, you can always try at-home teeth whitening products from the pharmacy.

As you can see, wearing the right makeup can help you really finish off your look when you have a spray tan. If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of having a professionally applied spray tan, call us today to schedule an appointment!

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With These 6 Tips, We Won’t Let Your First Spray Tan Be Your Last

If you’ve never been to a spray tanning salon before, the first experience can be a little intimidating. After all, you strip off all your clothing and get sprayed from head to toe with a brown liquid. While that description may not sound tantalizing, however, getting an airbrush spray tan isn’t as bad as it sounds.

Here are 6 easy tips to make sure your first trip to the tanning salon isn’t your last.

1. Don’t Wear Makeup

Cosmetics and deodorant can act as barriers between you and the perfect spray tan. To make sure your tan goes on evenly, show up at your nearby spray tanning salon sans makeup. If you forget, don’t worry! Most salons have makeup removing wipes that will have you foundation-free in seconds.

2. Be Prepared to Accessorize

During the spray tan procedure, you’ll be mostly naked. When you go to the salon, however, your spray therapist will provide you with a few accessories. You’ll be given disposable panties, a hairnet, and shoes that stick to the soles of your feet.

3. Every Salon Is A Little Bit Different

Most salons start by spraying the face. If you’ve never gotten a fake tan before, be prepared: the tanning liquid can be pretty cold. When the therapist is spraying your face, keep your eyes closed and try not to move.

As the therapist sprays the rest of your body, be prepared to follow some silly sounding instructions. When the therapist asks you to claw your hands or stick out your backside, it’s to make sure that the tanning solution reaches each and every part of your body.

4. Get Ready to Get Buffed

Different parts of the skin react differently to the tanning solution. To ensure and even all-over tan, your tanning therapist might use a mitt to buff some areas of your skin.

5. Bring the Right Clothing

When heading to the tanning salon, you should always bring loose, dark clothing. This helps to minimize mess. Don’t put clothing on until you’re fully dry.

6. Don’t Shower Right Away

After your new airbrush spray tan, you might notice a pleasant but potent scent. If the fragrance isn’t your style, don’t pile perfume onto your skin, as it can react with the tanning solution. Instead, add a few sprays of a favorite scent to your clothing. Also, try to hold off taking a shower for eight hours after your appointment. This gives the spray tan time to work.

If you want to have a great spray tan experience, come to our local Cary NC salon. Our spray tan technicians will help you choose the right shade of brown, explain the tanning process, and give you aftercare instructions. Call our local Cary NC salon today to schedule an appointment.


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Make Sure Your Spray Tan Lasts with These 3 Simple & Helpful Tips

How To Make Your Spray Tan Last

With summer about to be in full swing, a golden tan is the look many shoot for. However, the price of a tan – burns, sunspots, and risk of wrinkles – is steep. For ladies seeking a sun-kissed glow sans damage, spray tanning is the perfect solution. Featuring expertly applied bronzing mist, spray tanning gives you a healthy glow in the comfort of a luxurious spray tanning salon.

Much like an outdoor tan, however, spray tans do not last forever. Read on for tips on maintaining your sunny look well into the summer.

Tips for a Long-Lasting Spray Tan

1) Exfoliate

Before you visit a spray tanning salon, make sure to thoroughly exfoliate the areas to be bronzed. Exfoliation helps your skin slough off dead cells, leaving a smooth canvas for your tan. Continue to exfoliate after spray tanning to maintain an even, healthy-looking glow.

2) Moisturize

Keep skin hydrated from the inside-out for an even texture and healthy sheen that keeps your tan looking fabulous. Apply lotions or oils immediately after showering to lock in moisture, and pick a tinted lotion for an extra boost of color that extends your spray tan. Don’t forget to drink water throughout the day to keep dryness at bay.

3) Shave, don’t wax

While waxing is a convenient way to stay fuzz-free, be sure to avoid it after spray tanning. Waxing removes a thin layer of cells from the top of your skin, which will strip away your new color. Look for an electric razor instead, as they remove minimal skin while effectively trimming hair.

Airbrush Spray Tanning 101

For a little extra summery heat, consider airbrush spray tanning. In this unique tanning method, a skilled technician applies the spray tan using special contouring techniques to flatter your unique figure. From highlighting décolleté to slimming legs, airbrush spray tanning offers a safe, easy way to enhance your assets.

To learn more about spray tanning or to request an appointment, call our salon today.

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Give Your Confidence a Boost With a Professional Spray Tan

Having overly pale skin can make you look drawn-out, sick and tired. We all know how popular it is to tan, but the vast majority of us don’t realize that there is an easier and safer way to get that bronze goddess glow than by sitting out baking in the sun for several hours a day. By visiting our local Cary NC salon, you can get a flawless airbrush spray tan that will transform your look from head to toe.

What Spray Tanning Can Do For You

When you make the decision to get an airbrush spray tan, you’re doing something that will not only last, but be a better and safer way of getting that sun kissed glow. There are a variety of color levels available, making it effortless to find the shade that matches your skin tone perfectly. When you are tanned and glowing, you’ll find that your self-confidence skyrockets and you generally feel better about yourself and your appearance.

Benefits of Spray Tans

Believe it or not, going to a spray tanning salon has its benefit when compared to other methods. Using creams and lotions at home may seem fine until you realize that you’re constantly applying the product to get any color. These can also be quite streaky and may not look as flawless as a spray tan. Spray tans are done by professionals who know what they’re doing and are able to help you achieve an even look to your skin.

Why You Need to Avoid the Sun

We all know how harmful the sun can be, but until recently, it’s been the only way to get a reasonable tan. Thankfully, spray tanning is becoming more and more popular as a healthier alternative to going out in the sun. Here is a list of problems that come when you tan in the sun:

  • Premature aging.
  • Increase risk of skin cancer.
  • Sun spots and sun damage.
  • Heat exhaustion.
  • Lengthy and time-consuming process.

Get Spray Tanned Today!

If you feel that spray tanning is right for you, you can contact our local Cary NC salon to book an appointment and start transforming your look in no time. We work with people of all ages, so there is no shame coming to our salon and getting that beautiful glow you’ve always dreamed you could have. Give up laying out in the sun and choose a safer and more reliable method.

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