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7 Tips for Women to Show Their Best and Brightest Faces

Women have used makeup since ancient times to show their best and brightest face to the world. The purpose of makeup is for women to enhance their natural beauty. Makeup can be applied in a variety of ways, but makeup tips are beneficial for any woman to take in order assure that she is enhancing her natural beauty to show her best and brightest face.

1. Fix Mascara that Clumps
Mascara should be replaced at maximum every three months. Old mascara tends to clump. However, if a woman cannot afford new mascara or has forgotten to replace her mascara, putting Vaseline in the mascara tube will help break up the clumps.

2. Use a Business Card for an Eye-Makeup Stencil
Eye makeup can be tricky to apply, and getting a flawless dramatic line can be even more difficult. Using a business card or any other stencil of that size and shape can help women create the dramatic line of eye shadow that they want, regardless of the precision of their hand.

3. Line Waterline Instead of Lash line
Many women want voluminous lashes. Lining the waterline, which is called “tight lining”, will help create the effect more voluminous lashes. Lining the lash line does not create the same effect.

4. Use Vivid Eye Shadow Colors
Eye shadow’s purpose is to accentuate the natural beauty of women’s eyes. Eye shadow that does not have good pigmentation will not give the full effect that eye shadow is supposed to give. Vivid colors are not necessarily bright blues and electric purples; they are colors that provide good color pay off. Choosing vivid eye shadow colors is the best way for women to enhance the natural beauty of their eyes.

5. Use Makeup Sponge
Using a makeup sponge for foundation applications renders the airbrushed look, without using an airbrush. A makeup sponge assures that there will be no streaks, which a brush often leaves. The beauty blender is the most highly recommended sponge.

6. Heat Up Eye Lash Curler
Just like curling irons and flat irons need to be heated to do their magic, an eye lash curler also needs to be heated to perform its magic. The safest and easiest way to heat up an eye lash curler is to blow a blow dryer over it for three to four seconds.

7. Use Powder on Lashes
Dusting baby powder on eye lashes before mascara application will have a greater effect. The baby powder will enhance the mascara’s voluminous effect.

Choose an Extraordinary Salon

At our Cary make up salon is well-versed in the most effective make up tips from our seasoned aestheticians. Our experienced team enjoys sharing remarkable and unique tips to provide you with a high-quality service at an amazing price. Call The Green Room today to beautify yourself and speak with one of our make up specialists.

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Overcome Sensitive Skin Irritation When Waxing Your Eyebrows

If you have sensitive skin, you might be tempted to skip out on eyebrow grooming, thinking that your face can’t handle it. Fortunately, there’s no reason that you have to let your eyebrows run amok. Careful eyebrow waxing can gently remove excess brow hair without irritating sensitive skin.

Use Professional-grade Wax

All waxes are not made the same. Wax that is designed for salon use will perform the job most effectively. This helps avoid having to go over the same sensitive area again and again in order to remove all of the hair.

The best way to ensure that quality supplies are used on your brows is to have them professionally done. Your local Cary NC salon offers brow grooming from experts who know how to swiftly and gently remove stray hairs.

Apply a Gentle Oil

After waxing eyebrows with sensitive skin, it’s important to apply a soothing oil to the skin right away. Both tea tree oil or lavender oil are good options to use. These comforting oils have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

First, gently rinse the area with warm water. Then, using clean hands, dab the oil over the skin that was waxed.

Treat Your Skin with Extra Care

For 24 hours after waxing, show extra love to your brow area. Avoid using liquid makeup around your eyebrows, as it can be irritating to freshly waxed skin.

Fresh air is great, but stay inside for the rest of the day. Sun exposure after waxing can cause the waxed area to become darker than the rest of the skin. This discoloration can take months to resolve. And, of course, you don’t want to apply sunscreen to freshly waxed skin.

Exfoliate (Eventually)

A facial scrub with light exfoliating properties can help keep your waxed skin healthy. Don’t use it immediately after waxing eyebrows with sensitive skin, of course. The area needs time to heal.

Several days after the treatment, however, perform a gentle exfoliation. Doing so will slough away dead skin and can prevent any trouble with ingrown hairs. Repeat exfoliation about two times a week.

When you’re ready to get control over your unruly eyebrows, call our local Cary NC salon to book your appointment for a professional brow waxing.

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6 Tips to Repair Summer Damaged Hair

Summer is a great time to work on that tan, but it can also be harsh on your hair. Between chlorine from the pool and damage from the sun, your mane can take a beating. Here are a few ways to combat the summer sun and take your hair from fried to fabulous without taking a trip to your local salon every other day.

Dry Shampoo
Washing your hair everyday is not only time consuming, it is drying to those precious tresses. You do not have to spend big bucks and buy a dry shampoo from the salon, even a sprinkling of talcum powder can soak up the oils in your scalp without damaging the ends as a regular shampooing would. Your trip to the blowout bar won’t be in vain, either, as your style will last longer without the frequent washes.

Try a Natural Moisturizer
Coconut oil is a great way to add some much needed moisture back to those beach beaten locks. Simply slather on after a long day in the sun for instantly hydrated hair. You can apply a little to smooth out flyaways, or a lot for a fantastic overnight mask.

Get a Trim
If your ends are looking a little fried, a trip to your local salon may just be the ticket to healthier hair. Cutting off a few inches of split ends will make all of the difference in how healthy your hair looks and feels. Plus, who doesn’t love a short new hairstyle for the season?

Leave It Alone
Do not slather on products and fry your hair with the curling iron every single day, give it a little rest once in awhile. All the extra heat put on your mane is just amplified in the summer because of all the extra wear and tear. It deserves a little rest, go for a cute boho braid or messy updo for a cute but easy look that will leave your locks happy.

Visit the Salon
Don’t forget to visit your local blowout bar for a brand new ‘do for summer! They can apply great hydrating masks as well as recommend products specifically for your hair type that will have you looking lovely!

Keep It Simple
Natural ingredients are best, so look for products that are low in alcohol and high in nourishing vitamins.

With these helpful hints, you can combat summer hair damage with a little dry shampoo from the salon, or a quick moisturizing mask!

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Tips & Tricks to Maintain New Eye Lash Extensions

Initial Appointment & Touch Ups

When it comes to your first appointment for eyelash extensions at our local salon, you’ll be attended to by a trained professional who will apply each extension to your natural lashes.

Keeping Your Lases Maintained

There are a few tips you’ll want to consider when it comes to prolonging your lash extensions to ensure that you get the best results.

Choose a Professional:

Choosing a trained, experienced lash extension professional can ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the final results of your extensions application and long-term results. If the extensions are applied wrong, there may be damage caused to your own lashes, so make sure you do the research first before choosing your technician. A skillful eye lash extension professional will know how to get the job done right.

Let Your Lash Extensions Dry Completely:

For at least 48 hours, you’ll want to avoid any water or other liquid applications to your lashes. Keeping the new extensions completely dry will ensure that the adhesive used during the appointment for application will have ample time to dry.

No Rubbing or Pulling:

Make sure to never pull on or rub your extension lashes as this can cause the adhesive to separate and your newly applied lashes will fall out. Use light movements when washing off your makeup or taking off your eyeliner to ensure you cause no harm to your extensions.

No oil-based products:

Whether it’s makeup remover, moisturizer, or eyeliner, when you used oil-based solutions and makeup products on your eyes you can unintentionally remove your new eye lash extensions. To avoid this, use only non-oily products around the eyes, and as listed on tip number three, avoid rubbing or disturbing the lashes with a rough or rubbing action.

Brush/Comb your lash extensions:

When you wake up from sleeping or prepare your face for makeup after a shower, you’ll want to use a mascara brush (clean) or an eyebrow comb to gently comb through your extensions and natural lashes. Whether you use a criss-cross type motion or an up-and-down motion, just remember to be easy. Coming will loosen stuck together eyelashes and make your extensions look good as new again.

Meticulous Care:

Paying attention to the details and using a light hand when combing can go a long way in lasting eye lash extensions.

No matter how long or short your natural lashes are, you’ll love the fullness and eye-catching benefits of lash extensions for your eyes. Click here to schedule your first appointment at our local salon.

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Wedding Makeup Tips

These days, many women are preparing to get married. If this is the case for you, now is the time to start implementing strategies that will enable you to look absolutely amazing on your wedding day. Here are three tips that can help you make it happen:

1. Obtain Professional Services.

Never attempt to do your own makeup for your wedding. There are many reasons why you should attain professional wedding makeup services, including the fact that the lighting for the event is typically distinct from the lighting you encounter in your day-to-day life. Moreover, professional wedding makeup and hair stylists typically have extensive industry experience, meaning that the likelihood of them making an error is much lower than yours. As you start looking for the ideal local makeup salon, make sure that the company you select possesses all of the following attributes:

• industry experience (at least a decade in the industry)
• a proven track record
• positive online feedback
• excellent customer service

2. Plan, Plan, Plan.

Another tip you should implement to ensure that you look great for your wedding is planning. Planning is the key to success in all areas of life, including the aesthetic sector. As such, you should work with the local makeup salon to secure the time and date of your appointments. Also ask the wedding makeup and hair stylists if you can do a trial run through to see exactly how the look you’ve chosen will play out on your features and tresses. In some cases, you may talk something through, look at a photograph, and decide that the aesthetic is ideal. But until you actually see yourself in full make-up and with your hair done, you’ll never know whether the look is a winner or a no-go.

3. Take Care Of Yourself.

Although makeup artists can work wonders for your appearance, it’s important to remember that doing your part can help take the results from average to awesome. For example, drinking a ton of water every day up until the wedding can prevent acne and promote fresher, younger-looking skin. Additionally, weight-lifting regularly can increase metabolism, thereby giving you an extra boost if you’re trying to shed excess weight for the wedding.

Summing It All Up

If you’re serious about looking incredible on your wedding day, now is the time to implement strategies that will help you do so. You can use the tips and tricks outlined above to get you on the path to an awesome aesthetic right now. Also be sure to call our salon today so we can provide you with the cutting edge, customized services you need and deserve.

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You’ve Got To Try These Wedding Makeup Tips

It’s your big day and of course you want your makeup to be perfection! No matter what look you’re going for, it’s got to last all day. Don’t take any chances with this once-in-a-lifetime moment. Make sure to book an appointment with your local makeup salon and let a pro create your dream-day face. Pro wedding makeup and hair stylists know just how to bring out your most gorgeous features. So get that appointment booked and keep in mind these tips for lovely wedding makeup.

Makeup Advice
• You want to bring out your greatest features, true, but it’s still best to keep your makeup simple. With makeup, less is usually more.
• It’s a good idea to test your foundation before the big day. Foundation can look different depending on the lighting.
• If you’re planning any facial treatments, get them done a few days before the wedding. You don’t want your skin to be red or irritated on your wedding day.
• Wedding makeup and hair stylists can pluck and shape your brows a few days before the wedding. This way your brows won’t appear red or swollen.
• This may be the most important tip and the hardest to follow. Don’t stress! Stress can cause breakouts. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fruits and veggies. These healthy eats will give your skin a natural glow.

7 Quick Tips
1. Face primer fills in pores and makes skin appear smooth. Using it will make your makeup last longer.
2. Use a subtle blush on the apple of your cheeks to avoid looking pale.
3. Eyeshadow primer will keep your eyeshadow in place and prevent it from creasing.
4. Make sure your mascara is waterproof.
5. Don’t be afraid of artificial lashes. They’re an easy way to enhance your eyes.
6. Your lip color has to last. Try a lipstain, the colors pop and last for hours.
7. Choose a lip liner that matches your lip color. Apply liner to the entire lip area before you apply color. It’ll make the color last even longer.

The most important advice we can offer is don’t leave your wedding makeup to chance. Call your local makeup salon now to make an appointment for your big day.

It’s your wedding day, don’t leave your makeup to chance. Let your local makeup salon experts help you create the perfect wedding makeup look.

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