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3 Steps to Perfect Brows from Our Cary NC Salon Stylists

Want magazine worthy eyebrows? Its easy with the right shape, color and the help of a little makeup.

Most people don’t have the brows they had at age 14, thick, full, maybe even a little bushy?! But thats all the rage these days. Big, full brows are in and you can have them too! All it takes is a little practice and some make-up.

From pencils, to gels, to powders, there are tons of products on the market today. I fill in my brows everyday and it takes 2 minutes tops. My top tips for getting those Vogue worthy brows are:

  1. Prime– I use eyeshadow primer daily and apply it from the base of my eyelid, all the way to and THROUGH my brow. Yes a little eyeshadow primer lightly brushed through your brow hair will give your brow product something to adhere to.
  2. Fill– I like the look of a powder brow filler more than a pencil, its less drastic looking and is easier to blend. Use an angled brow brush to outline the bottom of your eyebrow, start to end. Use short strokes to blend powder upwards into the hair. Set with a brow gel. I like Benefit’s Gimme Brow in Dark.
  3. Highlight– Make your brows pop, and erase any mistakes with a highlighting pencil or concealer. Use a few quick dabs along your brow bone, and blend. This gives your brow a lift and opens the eye.
Natural brow, no make-up

Natural brow, no make-up

Start to fill from the bottom, using upward strokes with your brush.

Start to fill from the bottom, using upward strokes with your brush.

Finished brow, primed, filled, and highlighted!

Finished brow, primed, filled, and highlighted!

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When Is the Worse Time to Get Facial or Body Waxing Done

When not to Wax

There are many questions and fears about facial and body waxing. Many people are afraid they will be “burned” by the wax, or that their skin is too sensitive to be waxed. Bad experiences are unfortunately all too common. Here at The Green Room we make sure to avoid all such occurrences. Here are a few things to know before you head to your local brow bar.

  1. What medications are you currently using from a Dermatologist? This is important because medications such a Retin-A, Retinol, Benzoyl Peroxide, and Alpha Hydroxy Acids thin the skin and can cause irritation when waxing.
  2. Have you had any medical grade services from a Dermatologist or MedSpa in the past month? Chemical peels, Phenol peels, and Microdermabrasion are all procedures that cause the superficial layer of the skin to be effected, making skin more prone to irritation.
  3. Have you been sunburned or is your skin uncharacteristically dry? Dry skin is more prone to “lifting” when wax is applied.

Here at The Green Room we ask each waxing client to read and sign a release form asking the above questions each and every time they visit our Cary, NC salon. All too often I hear clients say they were “burned” by wax being too hot, or that they have never been asked what products they use on their skin before a wax service. They have more than likely experienced “lifting” or a negative reaction to waxing in the past due to products or services they currently use, or to changes in their skin’s moisture level, caused by weather, sun exposure, or internal dehydration. Being “burned” by wax is next to impossible, and we make sure to educate all of our waxing clients prior to their service.

What to do if you are currently using a Dermatologist grade product, its simple, we will tweeze your brow rather than wax. Tweezing is just as effective and will give the same clean, defined result as a brow wax. Just allot a little more time with tweezing.

Know before you go! Anf, if you have ever questions, give us a call today or stop in!

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