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What Is Brow Tinting & How Will It Improve My Look & Style?

There is a way to get the look of fuller, darker brows without makeup…the answer is brow tinting. Many women come in to our brow bar here in Cary, NC wishing they had thicker, darker, more youthful looking brows! I hear many people say, “I wish I had more to work with, my brows are so thin.”

Our solution: brow tinting. Brow tint will grab on to all the fine “baby” or vellus hair that surrounds your brow and make the overall appearance of the brow thicker. It is also a great way to cover gray hairs within the brow.  Once your eyebrows are tinted to your liking, we will brow map, and wax them to optimize the hair you have for your desired shape and fullness.

A brow tint usually lasts anywhere from 4-5 weeks, and will fade rather than grow out.  Our brow tint is safe to use around the eye area and is customizable for your desired shade. Wake up with makeup as we say with a brow tint from our local Cary, NC salon. Call us today or stop in to speak with one of our stylists!

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