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9 Dry Shampoo Facts You Didn’t Know from Our Cary Blowdry Bar

1. Dry Shampoo is Becoming a Craze
Women are talking about this product more than ever nowadays, whether it’s a chat with strangers at the blowdry bar or at an intimate dinner with friends. In drought-striken California, residents are very conscious of the need to reduce water usage. In the Golden State, It’s estimated that over 30,000 people a month search for dry shampoo online.

2. The First Dry Shampoo Hit the Market 75 Years Ago
It was called Minipoo!

3. 1960’s Supermodel Twiggy Posed for Some Dry Shampoo Ads
Always ahead of her time, Twiggy was on the dry shampoo bandwagon 50 years ago! Wonder if she’s still got that pixie haircut after all these years? Perhaps she goes to a Cary dry shampoo salon to maintain it!

4. It’s So Popular That It’s Out of this World — Literally
Since hitting up the local Cary dry shampoo salon probably isn’t convenient for astronauts, they have their own supply of dry shampoo on the International Space Station. Maybe dry shampoo services will be available on Mars someday?

5. Dry Shampoo Can Help Your Roots to Look More Blended
Haven’t had time to get your hair colored for a few months? Here’s a little hack for you…By applying dry shampoo, you can soften up the harsh look of your roots. This will work especially well if you happen to be a blonde who bleaches her hair.

6. It’s Especially Good for Extending Your Blowout
If you’ve recently been to the blowdry bar and wish to preserve the fabulous look of your locks, dry shampoo is the way to do it.

7. You Can Make Your Own
Although some things are better left to the experts, you can attempt to make your own formula at home. If you’re an enterprising gal who thrives on DIY challenges, then get together some cornmeal, corn starch and a dab of essential oils. Congrats—you’ve just made dry shampoo!

8. There is a Dry Shampoo for Everyone
Especially now that dry shampoo has experienced a massive resurgence, there are dry shampoos available for every type of hair. And you don’t have to go far and wide looking for dry shampoo services—many dry shampoo products can be found at your local drugstore.

9. Even Celebrity Stylists See Its Value
Although they’re often known for touting their own lines of shampoo and conditioner, dry shampoo has received a boost from well-known hairstylists who speak about its benefits.

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